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Tipsrunda om Han Dynastin

Hej igen!

Jag vet att frågesport brukar vara populärt och nu var det VÄLDIGT länge sedan jag bjöd på det. Egentligen är det inte jag som gjort den här, utan Malin, men jag fick gärna visa den.

Alltså, här kommer den frågesport hon valde att göra som ett av sina delprojekt om Antika Kina. Hon gjorde den som en tipsrunda och de fina bilder hon lagt in här och där vägrade följa med när jag klistrade in allt i bloggen, men de var inte nödvändiga för att kunna svara på frågorna utan mer fin utsmyckning kring det frågan avhandlade, så ni klarar er lika bra utan.

Det är alltså familjelivet under Han Dynastin det handlar om. Ni kan skriva er tipsrad bland kommentarerna (om ni vill och vågar :) ). Rätt svar redovisas imorgon. Lycka till! /Malin & Ingrid


When was the Han Dynasty?

1. 320 BCE-300 BCE
X. 207 BCE-220 CE       
2. 2009 CE-2013 CE


In the Han Dynasty people got married at a very young age.

But who arranged their marriage?

1.    Their parents
X.   Their teachers 
2.    The couple  


During the Han Dynasty they started with public schools.

Who could go to these schools?

1.     All children       
X.    Boys
Children to parents who had a job


Children is a joy to every parent.

But what was a parent’s biggest wish to get?

1.  1 child
X.  Many boys
2.  1 boy and 1 girl


Women did not have a lot of respect in the Han Dynasty, they barely got any until they got old.

Where did most poor women work during the Han Dynasty?

1.    Outside on a farm
X.   Selling food    
2.    At home with the children


All rich families in the Han Dynasty had slaves. What work did these slaves do?

1.    Took care of the children
X.   Dirty cleaning and cooking
2.    Cultivated rice


People lived together with their relatives. Not just mum, dad and children.

When a couple got married where do you think they lived?

1. At the wife’s parents place
X.   With the husband’s sisters
2.  At the husband’s parents place


It wasn’t easy to get a good and qualified job during the Han Dynasty.

Which people got the best jobs?

1.    People from famous families
X.   Physically strong people    
2.    Educated people


Most people lived in the countryside working as farmers.

What percent of people lived in the cities?

1.    10%
X.   1%
2.    35%


Rich people’s children studied many subjects.

What were some of the subjects they studied?

1. Chinese, Karate, Agriculture
X. Science, Literature, Music
2. Sumo, English, Astrology


People in rich families wore big jackets when it was cold.

What were these made of?

1.    Silk
X.   Patchwork from nice old clothes
2.    Fur from different animals


Farmer’s families needed each other and were close.

What did they mostly do together?

1. Lived and worked    
X. Played and had fun
Went shopping


Poor peopled lived packed together in small houses.

What did young men do to stand this life?

1.  Built tree houses to get their own space
X. Studied at libraries
2. Joined street gangs who roamed the cities


Archeologists have found a lot of things that women in the Han Dynasty used?

What is one of these things that they have found the most of?

1. Dolls     
X. Make up
2. Dresses


Farmers worked very hard.
From this they got lots of food. Sometimes they got more than needed.

What did they do with that food?

1. Saved it for a time in the future
X. Traded for other useful things
2. Gave it to people who needed it more

Just a few years ago, they have found a Han city in Central China. This unique discovery will help us learn lot more about the family life during Han Dynasty.

What is so special with the city they have found?

1.     It contains tools we didn’t know they had at that time    
X.    It is the biggest Han city they have found
2.     The city is kept intact because of a sudden disaster


During the Han Dynasty families came in contact with a new religion.

What religion was that?

1. Hinduism
X. Christianity
2. Buddhism


The farmer’s families got a great advantage from some farming inventions done during the Han Dynasty.

What was an invention from this period?

1. Plowshares
X. Seed sower
2. Harrow

Tea has always been a very important drink in China, but during Han Dynasty another drink became even more popular.

What kind of drink was that?

1. Black coffee
X. Millet wine
2. Rice wine


About year 100 CE they started to do something new in the cooking area.

What was the food invention?

1. Began to cook shrimps 
X. Started to fry rice
2. They made long noodles

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