onsdag 24 november 2010

Star of the Week Parent letter

Så här blev det då till slut, brevet till Johan som fröken ska läsa upp i klassen idag. Linnéa fick läsa det imorse för att ge sitt ok och hon tyckte det var jättebra, så vi hoppas på det.

Hi Everybody,
This is Johan’s mum and dad writing to you.
As you understand we think Johan is a very special boy. He is fun, crazy, smart, brave and strong.
When we got Johan he was our third child and he was a big surprise to us and his mum’s family. He was the first boy born in 64 years, the last one was his granddad. After him there were SO many lovely girls, sisters, cousins and aunts, but it WAS fun with some variation and that was Johan.
Johan is very often seen with some technical thing in his hands. One of his favorite things to do is building or mending something. When he was very young he could watch a tractor for SUCH a long time. Once his mom decided to stay with him watching a snow plough until Johan was bored. She waited and waited and waited. It was freezing could outside. She was hungry and finally she needed to go to the bathroom.  Johan, 2,5 years old, was still walking around the snow plough, climbing on it and talked about it.  He won. Mom lost. She couldn’t stay until he was bored, it never happened, she had to say ‘Now we really need to go home’, as all the times before.
Johan’s sisters, Linnéa and Malin, have always spoiled him and of course he has taken advantage from that now and then, but still he is a lovely and caring boy OR…..
On our way to a Tivoli in Denmark Johan was SO tired, he couldn’t even walk. Mom said to Johan ‘ I think you can walk, otherwise you can’t get to the Tivoli”. Linnéa, Johan’s oldest sister asks if she shall carry him and of course he wants that.
Johan tells Linnéa she is the best sister in the world and that he likes her VERY much and in the end he says ‘Linnéa, I love you! If I get an ice cream I don’t like, I will give it to you!’
That is how generous Johan is J .
Johan is a real problem solver. As a family with three children we are very often really busy and our children have always made tons of activities after school, so when Johan wanted to do one more thing on top of the tennis, gymnastic, dancing and swimming he already did after school, we tried to explain to him why we didn’t have time for that.
So Johan looks at us and says: But WHY can’t we have two dads then. If so, one could be at work and the other one could be at home helping us out.
Johan didn’t thought it was a problem with dirty socks either. He ran out of the house with his socks on but no shoes. Mom called after him and said ‘you are not allowed to walk outside with just the socks on’. And Johan quickly responded to her ‘no problem mom, then I’ll run instead’.
But of course Johan is now way older and much wiser. He is caring and a great friend with lots of ideas. He is very happy about his new school here at ACS and we think you know him good enough for doing a quiz. Please say the answer to the question if you know it. Here we go.
1.       There have been lots of baby girls born in our family. After 12 girls there finally came a boy. Who was that?.....................................Well done!
2.       In our family somebody has about 58 649 Lego pieces. Who could that be?................. Absolutely!
3.       When we go on vacation and have stupid questions there is only one person who dares to ask them. Who is that?.....................................Of course it is Johan!
4.       It isn’t really easy having two older sisters thinking they are some extra moms for you, playing with you as if you are a doll.  Who do you think Linnéa and Malin dressed up like this?.........
GREAT!  Only one more question to go.
5.       One person in our family is a great performer and likes to sing and dance. His idol is Michael Jackson. What is our family performer’s name?..............................................WOW!

Well done with all the questions! Now we guess you are as tired as Johan and his friend Tobias were after playing a long day when they were 4 years old:

Johan, we are very proud of you and love you a lot! We hope you enjoy being Star of the week!
Bye everybody!
Johan’s Mum & Dad

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Catharina sa...

Vilket fantastiskt brev! Bra jobbat Ingrid!

Just nu sitter jag och funderar... (jag har ju inte så mycket annat att göra;o) )
Ikväll har jag anmält mig till möte med nya Malmöklubben. Ute snöar det, jag har hört att det ska snöa hela dagen och jag har inte vinterdäck på bilen och av erfarenhet vet jag att så fort det kommer mer än 1 cm snö så blir det problem med tågen...
Jag funderar på om jag ska avamäla mig till ikväll... förnuftet säger mig det, men hjärtat säger mig att klart jag ska åka...

Kram Catharina